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FIFA 09 - Live Season Guide

FIFA 09FIFA 09 - Live Season Guide

A feature that debuts in FIFA 09, Adidas Live season adds another nice aspect of realism to the game. The concept is that the performances of players in real-life will affect how the will play in the game. The stats are updated weekly, and there are six leagues available to choose from. Although you can pick one league to unlock for free, you will need to pay for each month after. In the FIFA 09 version, there are six leagues available to choose from and after your first free month, it will cost £4.99 GBP, which is around $7 USD to unlock a league for the season. Alternatively, you can pay £12.99 GBP which is around $20 USD to unlock all of the six leagues for the season.

Unfortunately, Adidas Live Season is no longer available for the FIFA 09 version of the game. This is obviously because the 2008/2009 season has now ended and there are no stats to update for the season. Why do I even have this page up? To inform you who may wonder why you cannot activate Adidas Live Season on your copy of FIFA 09. It is a very interesting add-on and has even more useful and entertaining features in newer versions of FIFA, so if you are interested in this, you may want to consider buying the latest version of FIFA.


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