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Making Money in FIFA Ultimate Team 09

FIFA 09Making Money in FIFA Ultimate Team 09

Coins are essential to your success in FUT09. With coins, you can buy players to strengthen your squad, or even go for the gamble on a pack. However, coins are quite hard to come by through the more conventional methods such as playing games or buying packs and hoping for a profitable return. Below are two methods which can still be used to make money effectively. Why only two? Well, FUT09 is quite outdated and players have moved on to newer versions. For the players who remain, the economy is quite inactive.


The Collection

As noted in the first page. The collection can be a useful tool that is still a viable method of making money now. The concept is that players can be sent to the collection for a number of coins. By looking around the market for players who are priced lower than their collection yield, you will be able to profit by sending them to the collection This is a very tedious but effective method.

Keep in mind that gold players should be your main target, as their collection yield is around 400-500 coins while it is not uncommon to see a player listed for 200-300, so snatch those up and fill up your collection. Two things to keep in mind are that once you put a player in the collection you cannot take him back out, and you can also collect kits and badges. This might seem a little less lucrative than I make it out to be, but you must also note that you receive a nice bonus for filling up a page for a team. 7-pages pages yield 1000 bonus coins and 5000 for 14-card pages.


Merchanting/59th Minute

The classic buy low, sell high. By doing just this and looking for players who you know you will be able to sell for higher than their listed price, you may be able to accumulate a decent sum of coins. There are two ways to go about with this. You can just focus on a few players until you find a good deal, or you could use the 59th Minute Method. The 59th Minute Method involves searching for gold players, scrolling all the way up to the area where the cards with above 59 minutes but lower than an hour appear, and looking for deals. The reason we go to the 59th minute is because the most common listing time is for one hour, so you see all of the newly listed cards before most people, which increases your chance of finding a bargain. Study the market so you know prices and don't end up with a player you might have to take a loss on because you didn't know his price.


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