After months of writing, we are very proud to offer the Supreme FIFA 14 Guide! In helping other people sell their FIFA guides, we noticed that the current selection really just didn't cut it. We wanted to provide our own option that perfectly compliments the best FIFA information site on the internet - the best FIFA strategy guide ebook you can buy!

When we started FIFA Encyclopedia in 2010, we wanted to create a collection of FIFA guides and references. FIFA Encyclopedia was supposed to be a place to learn controls, free kick techniques, and more -- a ganeral guide to FIFA, all for free. What surprised us with these ebooks was that they offered the same information, some of them even COPIED DIRECTLY from FIFA Encyclopedia. They didn't offer anything in the way of strategy, just everything you could find for free on our site. With the Supreme FIFA 14 guide, we wanted to offer an optional, paid guide that would teach you that stuff that no one is talking about.

This guide is a perfect compliment to FIFA Encyclopedia and can teach you:

  • How to win consistently
  • How to CONTROL possession
  • Using formations to beat better players
  • How to beat Real Madrid and Bayern Munich
  • Using the Pure Shot technique to score long range goals
  • How to make sure NO ONE gets past your defense.
  • Scoring free kicks from as far as 40+ meters out
  • Why and when to do things, rather then just how
  • Tips on nearly every aspect of the game
  • Much, much more!

Download the Supreme FIFA 14 Guide today!