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FIFA 08 - Tournament Mode Tutorial

The tournament mode of FIFA 08 allows you to create tournaments to play with your friends or the computer. Any places that you do not fill by an actual player will be filled by the computer. The tournaments are based off of real tournaments and cups.


FIFA 08 - Manager Mode Tutorial

Manager Mode is one of the most lasting FIFA game modes, and is available again in FIFA 08. The general concept is that you play the role of the manager of your team of choice. You are responsible for buying new players, organizing scouting trips, general management of the team, and not to mention actually controlling the team in games.

FIFA 08 - Be a Pro Mode Tutorial

Be a Pro mode is a FIFA 08 game mode in which you control one single player on the pitch. Your ultimate goal is obviously to win games, but you should also be mindful of the rating bar near the bottom of the screen which determines how well you have played. Your game ratings do not necessarily reflect how beneficial you were to your team, but just how well you did according to the game's standards, so don't get discouraged if your ratings are consistently low, as you still may be a key part of your team regardless of what the rating says.


FIFA 08 - Game Modes - Be a Pro, Manager Mode, Tournament Mode, and Challenge Mode

Be a Pro Mode allows you to assume the role of a professional footballer, whether it be a player created on your console or an already established player within the game. Either way, this game mode allows you to see the game as real professionals do as you strive to improve your game rating. Read more here.

FIFA 08 - Penalty Kick Guide

Penalty kicks are rather easy to score and save in FIFA 08. Because fouls are so frequent in online play in FIFA 08, you ought to know how to do both. There are three ways to score penalty kicks:


FIFA 08 - Corners Guide

Corners are a bit of a mixed bag. There is no definite way to score them and it is sometimes a bit of luck. However, there are certain factors that you can control to increase the likelihood that one of your targets will get a head on your cross and score.


FIFA 08 - Free Kick Guide

With the amount of fouls that occur in FIFA 08, it is extremely useful to know how to score free kicks. Not only do they look spectacular and will make your opponent lay off the fouls, but they are very satisfying to score. They are a bit difficult to get the hang of, but the time spent learning and practicing is surely worth it.


FIFA 08 - Guide to Set Pieces

Free Kicks

Free Kicks provide an excellent opportunity to score, but many ignore this and don't learn the proper techniques. Before I got the techniques down, I was enraged when my opponent slide tackled me on a breakaway and I got the free kick, but now it makes no difference because it is just as easy to score free kicks as it is to finish off a breakaway. Read more here.

FIFA 08 - Manual vs. Assisted

In FIFA 08, you are given the option of having full, manual control over your passes and shots. This is useful because unlike the default assisted settings, the computer has no effect on where your passes and shots go and how much power they will have. There are other settings besides just manual and assisted, you also have the option of semi-assisted settings. However, I recommend that you pick one or the other. To change these settings: Main Menu - My FIFA 08 - Settings - Controller Settings.