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FIFA 12 introduces an all new ranking system that features "XP" which decides ranking. You accumulate XP doing just about anything on FIFA 12. In fact, you even get 10 XP every time you start up FIFA 12. Of course, just turning your game on and off isn't all that effective, as playing actual games warrant hundreds of XP regardless of the result.

With Xbox Live and Playstation Network, online games are both fun and challenging. You can play with friends of choice or have the online network choose an opponent for you. There is a simple ranking system which you can learn more about here. However, there are more ways to get involved online than just playing 1v1 matches with other players. Head to head matches and the other three online game modes available in FIFA 12 are explained below.


Below is a list of many tips you can use to win more games on FIFA 12. Hopefully, these tips will help you become a better FIFA player and improve your rank. If you're interested in learning about rank, look here: Ranking, but for now, here is the tip sheet.

Tip Sheet

This page is a basically what the name says: a list of tips that you can use to play better FIFA. It is the small things such as remembering to only use the sprint button when you have space to run into that make the big differences in competitive matches both online and offline. Read more here.


A returning feature to FIFA 12 is the choice of setting Custom Tactics. With Custom Tactics, you can make your team play exactly the way you want them to. You can expound on the advantages of a team such as Barcelona with such great passing by specifying them to play with quick, short passes and increase their build up play. You could set free form positioning to take advantage of AC Milan's abundance of skillful players who are best when they have the freedom to move where ever. Most importantly, you can customize your team's settings to make them play just how you want.

Many players don't typically use the controls offered by the D-pad, some don't even know what the D-pad is capable of doing. The D-pad is very useful, especially if you are a good tactician from watching real-life football. In FIFA 12, the D-pad has two sets of controls. The first one being quick tactics, which requires you to press up on the D-pad, and then select your tactic with whatever direction on the D-pad it is set to. There are four quick tactics to choose from and can be set to a direction from the Team Management screen of any team.





In FIFA 12, you are given the option of having full, manual control over your passes and shots. This is useful because unlike the default assisted settings, the computer has no effect on where your passes and shots go and how much power they will have. These settings aren't just manual and assisted, you also have the option of semi-assisted settings. However, I recommend that you pick one or the other.

FIFA 12 is all about knowing when to pass and when to dribble. It is now very effective to mix it up, and unlike FIFA 11, you can now expect to blast past some unbalanced defenders with an opportune dribble. However, passing is still a very extremely important skill to know how to do well, and arguably one of the most important concepts in FIFA 12.