In FIFA 15, the slow pace of the game makes particular skill moves especially effective in getting you past your opponent. It’s unrealistic to think you can simply learn how and when to use every possible skill move in the game, or even that you will want to use every move. Not every move is all that effective, and later in the tutorial I will list some of the most effective and useful skill moves for you to master. The next matter of business though is developing an adequate strategy of getting used to skill moves and understanding when you should use them.

In order to get proficient at using skill moves against your opponent, you need to select a few different skill moves which you will rely on. The below list outlines the most important to consider:

  • Roulette/Spin Move - use when you are approaching an opponent directly
  • Stepovers + move to side - use when a defender is approaching you quickly. Do stepovers during the approach and decide where to move to just before he reaches you.
  • Stop and Turn - use when you are running forward with a defender right on your side.
  • Fake Shot - use in basically any position in which you need to change direction quickly.
  • (Directional) Ronaldo Chop - use in similar fashion to the fake shot

Of course this list is not comprehensive. You can add any move you want to your arsenal, as long as it works for you. The main thing here is that you get a list of skill moves you know how to do and do in specific situations, rather than just performing random skill moves and hoping that they work. However, the above skill moves have proven to be the most effective to me and they seem to be commonly used to great effect.

If you’ve never really used skill moves before, you need to get proficient at simply performing the skill move at first. From there, you need to identify situations in which you can do this move and then practice that until you can effectively use it. At this point you will probably begin to notice the benefit in using skill moves to your advantage, but you can go one step further by adding in combos to really trick your opponent.

A great example of one of my favorite combos entails dribbling to the outside with the defender running to the inside of you (respective to their goal) and then using the stop and turn move to turn around them and towards goal. If you’re on a break of some kind, you will likely have one or two players in the box running towards you. This is a perfect time to pull off a roulette to blow past at least one of them. From there, you should usually be able to pull off a shot, but if you can’t you could always try to do a fake shot and free up space for a high-percentage shot.

See how this works? Once you get a good idea of how and when certain skill moves can be effective, you can get down to more complex dribbling tactics to use skill moves to your advantage.

Another very helpful strategy in perfecting your skill moves game is to watch people who are good at skill moves. Fortunately, there is a whole contingent of YouTubers who regularly upload skill compilations for you to look at. Take a look at how they use skill moves and think about how you can use their combinations in your own play. If you keep this general strategy in mind when you watch, their combos will be very obvious and you will catch on quickly.

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